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TU Platform Mariupol Emergency Fund

As part of Periodcial Review 12 we are supporting the TU Platform Emergency Fund

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TU Platform is an artist-run space in the now devastated Mariupol, located only 15 km from the front line of occupied Donetsk when the full scale invasion began. Set up in 2015 by Diana Berg, Kostyantyn Batozsky and like-minded people to develop modern culture in an otherwise conservative centre of heavy industry on the Sea of Azov, Platform "TU!" was a place of freedom and art that became a haven for LGBTQA+ people, those with disabilities, and causes from environmental responsibility to women's rights. Having had to flee the besieged city TU’s focus has shifted, creating a fund/program to provide financial assistance to residents of Mariupol with priority given to families of teenagers who are members of the OS art cluster, people who have been physically affected by the blockade, people with disabilities, and families with children.

Image: Shelter, 2022, Diana Berg, Mariupol