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Time: 4:00-8:00pm Saturday 22st April 2023

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"Sunday School: Creatures of the Underworld" Workshop. A workshop by Venus Patel as part of the Artist-Initiated Projects at Pallas Projects Studios.


Delving deeper into the thematic nature of "Monsters of the Apocalypse", this workshop will be an immersive, reimagining of Sunday School, implementing tactics of childhood education with an approach to religion.

Lasting for about an hour and half, it will consist of 5 short periods: story time, craft making, music learning, game-time, and finishing with a prayer and reflection period. Mess around, have fun, play with each other, and learn more about the fantastical world of monstrousness.


Image: Venus stands in a Dublin street with her hands reaching out and looking to the side of the camera, covered by a fur scarf and wrapped in colourful transparent film, pieces of which are also hanging behind her, connected to Venus by intertwining wires.


Venus Patel

Venus Patel is an experimental film and performance artist based in Dublin. She was born in Los Angeles with a BA in Fine Art from TU Dublin. In 2022, her short film, Eggshells won the Taylor Art Award from the RDS Visual Art Awards, was shown as part of the Gaze Film Festival, and exhibited for Periodical Review 12: Practical Magic with Pallas Projects. She has recently performed and collaborated in the making of “Privilege: The Musical”, and “Hive City Legacy: Dublin” as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival 2022, as well as being put forward for the Future Generation Art Prize 2022 by its Irish partner platform Pallas Projects Studios.

Patel’s work concerns her experience as a trans femme of colour, trying to navigate the world. Through the use of costuming and loose gender expression, she encapsulates the campy blend of her queer identity. Venus questions the heteronormative society we live in, why the need to conform is so heavily enforced, and how that affects the perceptions of ourself, others, and the world around us. Although her work deals with serious subject matter, she utilises a unique mix of humour, absurdity, and abjection to create multi-faceted performances and experiences.