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Proposing Google for the launch of the money datevaluation practice

Proposing Google for the launch of the money datevaluation practice Datevaluation is the practice that allows the input of time-date into the money guts, in order to create digital savings where the “time” is treated as a transferable commodity. How to let each person add time into money for creation of personalized dynamic digital savings ? The app PSH is a next Android creation to run “#wuw’s algorithm-for-datevaluation” under Google’s standards for it infrastrucure tech to develop the BPaaS-Business Process as a Service for each person registered at WUW’s General Ledger for datevaluation activity. The people’s allocation of money for datevaluation personalized action using Internet space to reflux the created money by bank system into the USA Fed. anchoring it financial part on savings-in-cash production and under covered-guaranty by USAnchor before the introduction of it nominal temporal part into T.O.M. The Time Owned Market, allows the creation of sources of added value which are the personalized digital savings. #datevaluation = #personal creation of digital savings Because when you treat time as a commodity you can take it, to an organized market with one Bid & Ask system, to sell or to buy time amounts assigning them cash value at spot. Time winned on yours digital savings creations is able to be operated efficiently at T.O.M. The Time Owned Market, so can you extract cash from it by transaction or keep it on digital savings seniority to serve every 24 hours on day cash results attribution at 12:00 at New York. As the results of datevaluation economic practice are coming from cash production worked by monetary part of nominative digital savings anchored at The USA Fed the Universocial-Sovereign-Anchor produces at the same time the #cashkeeping algorithmical quality and resources for the applied algorithmical modes : #webcashmatic over all results and #webtaxmatic deductions over all taxable income. From everything it turns out that “#datevaluation” may be an alternative practice to the “#investment” with supression of the risk by automatizing an infinite production of interets in cash from cash free.