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Should Google accepte the challenge to launch the money data-valuation practice giving substance to the US Fed's CBDC ?

The money data-valuation aims to be an economic practice allowing people achieve the constitution of personalized digital savings. Personalized digital savings could be created as digital objects in property asset of their creators or of their sucessives owners having adquired at a later date the evolutive rights by transaction among the living or by cause of death. What are the economic solution that could be resolved by the use of the money data-valuation practice and by it digital savings product ? The economic solution is on the mode to obtain capital gains from the money in savings phase. The money data-valuation is a practice that starts from using cash, for cash interest production to share cash results every day. The money data-valuation is available in Internet space. It uses a "PSH-Personal Savings Helper" app to run an algorithm to be conduct by Google Cloud Platform service that : - Works in cash phase for results in cash phase ; - Delivers day #webcashmatic results from all 4 utilities of digital savings properties ; How do we access highly qualified software development talents? 👨🏻💻💡 🌍 Accessing big talent pools: We actively recruit candidates from multiple geographies in Eastern and Southern Europe, accessing 500'000+ specialists. With the in-depth knowledge of the local markets that our recruiters have, we are able to uncover hidden gems. 🕵🏻♀️ Qualifying candidates with a meticulous process: Our recruitment team, engineers and account managers collaborate to assess the soft and hard skills of the candidate. We propose to our clients only the top profiles, accounting for less than 10% of the talents interviewed. Reach out if you need help in finding top talents! #staffaugmentation #recruitment #toptalents #remoteteams