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Prosthetic Knowledge, an Interactive digital artwork by Elaine Hoey is now available online through the link below:https://www.prosthetic-knowled…

Elaine HoeyProsthetic Knowledge, 2022Interactive digital artworkUniversity College of Cork Art Collection. Commissioned by The Glucksman

This work is an interactive browser-based artwork. For optimal experience of this work, please use a computer with audio enabled. Keyboard and mouse/trackpad are required.This artwork contains flashing lights._______________

Commissioned by The Glucksman in 2022, Elaine Hoey’s interactive website Prosthetic Knowledge explores themes of violence towards women and contemporary practices of myth-making. Prosthetic Knowledge delves into the myth of Pythia and the Oracle of Delphi, one of the first female Oracles. It reimagines the internet as a sacred space, weaving mythology into today's algorithmic era. From a feminist perspective, it challenges technology's role, addressing gender violence through a modern Oracle lens. As AI issues intensify, the work confronts them by training a model in histories of violence against women. The narratives underscore the importance of prioritising humanity amid technological progress. Hoey is primarily known for her VR artworks, where the journey is a solitary one in an immersive space, Prosthetic Knowledge disrupts that through its hyperaccessibility as an online work.

Selected for Periodical Review 13 by Linda Shevlin

Audio description: soundbite.speechify