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A collaborative experiment with Outlandish Theatre Platform and Pallas Projects/Studios

We are manifesting a state of the art interdisciplinary arts centre in Dublin 8 and we are looking to express the artistic value of this future space through a collective interdisciplinary art expression.

You are invited to join a series of free workshops as we conceptually consider (public) space and create a response work exploring and expressing the meaning of space.

No experience is needed, just an interest in the subject matter.


Workshops take place over eight Wednesdays and we invite you to join as many as you can.

Time: 10am-12pmDates:March 20th, 27thApril 17th, 24thMay 1st, 8th, 15th, 22ndJune 12thLocation:  iD8 at The Digital Hub, D08 EY05

Register here if you know the dates you can attend. Walk-ins are always welcome too!

Workshops will be led by performance makers and visual artists including Eve Woods and Aoife Ward of Con: temporary QuartersJoan Somers Donnelly, Mark Cullen (Pallas Studios/Projects) and Maud Hendricks and Bernie O'Reilly (Outlandish Theatre Platform).

If you have any questions please get in touch with Bernie on 0871261582 or email info@outlandishtheatre.com

Space Now is kindly supported by the Arts Council, DCC and The Digital Hub


Outlandish Theatre PlatformMaud Hendrick and Bernie O'Reilly

Outlandish Theatre Platform creates performances in which professional and community performers collectively explore what theatre is for and how theatre relates to our ‘everyday’ in extraordinary times. For the last twelve years Maud and Bernie have experimented in an ongoing dialogue with the participant as performer, director and audience member. As artists we focus on the interplay between spaces, sound, lighting, costume design and the content of performers questions. Our performances balance on the shared everyday sublime at the end game of the Anthropocene, where people’s destruction of the planet might lead to its extinction.


Con: temporary QuartersEve Woods and Aoife Ward

Con: temporary Quarters, led by artists Aoife Ward and Eve Woods, is a collaborative project which brings attention to the use of and availability of public space.

This project focuses on the replacement of cultural and community spaces, unique architecture and amenities with large, closed developments pushing users towards a short term lifestyle through anti-community focused architecture.

They first presented 'A Cultural Tour of Hotels in The Liberties' as a lynchpin of Culture Night Dublin’s 2022 tours programme, where they gave 2 sold out satirical walking tours of hotels and student accommodation in The Liberties, Dublin 8.

They have presented a number of performance events and public artworks including An Couch Pleanala (2022), How to Exist in a Public Space (2022), Open House (2023). They also produce pamphlets and posters in tandem with events such as 'A Cultural Tour of Hotels in The Liberties' which was part of the Dublin Art Book Fair at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, and ‘Open House’. In September 2023 they exhibited “Con:Temporary Quarters” a show of works held in the StayCity Exhibition space on Francis St, formerly the Tivoli theatre. These works directly criticised the hotels lack of action regarding the programming and upkeep of the exhibition space. Upcoming exhibitions include: The Perennial Affair: An Exploration Between Art and Politics, at Trinity College Dublin and Jelly Presents, March 2024.


Joan Somers Donnelly

Joan Somers Donnelly is an Irish artist based between Brussels and Dublin, with a collaborative practice that moves between performance, writing, research, organising, and designing frameworks for being together differently. Performance work in recent years includes Beginner's Guide To Slow Travel with Kirkos Ensemble, Choir for Cows, and the lecture performances You and Me, Here and Now and To Convey; as well as six previous productions with Outlandish Theatre Platform (Nothing, Patterns, WOMB, Love & Charity, Fear, and Summerfolk Redux). She is currently an artist in residence at Maynooth University Social Sciences Institute on the research project Data Stories, which aims to map and analyse the housing and property data ecosystem in Ireland using interdisciplinary methodologies. She is also involved in a working group on artist work spaces within Praxis Artist Union.

ID 1: White background. Read in black: Space Now. 2 blue and purple square outlines overlapping the words.ID 2: Stairs at the entrance of the Dublin City Council. Three people talk next to a wooden table. One person sit on the stairs.ID 3: Group of people talk sitting in circle in a big room, walls painted Pointillism style in shades of dark blue and white. Left up corner, Pallas Projects/Studios logo in white.ID 4: 2 peole talking, wearing visibitity jackets, holding clipboards. One weares a paper house fashione as glasses. Brick houses, a tree and a street sign as background.ID 5: Background. Wild urban natural grassy space next to a brick building, a group of people sit in circle over sofas. Foreground. A person lays down face forward open arms at the edge of the grass half on concrete.ID 6: Aereal view of a concrete ground, maybe a old parking lot, where 10 people lay down on carboard in different fashions.