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Our friends and collaborators at Paper Visual Arts have published Sara Damaris M.’s wonderful text, ‘Maslow’s Hammer’, produced as part of our annual PPS/PVA Visual Art Writing Commission, a collaboration between @pva_journal and @pallas.projects.studios. The text is now online - read here.

This is the third year we have worked together on this award, which aims to encourage, develop, and support new and ambitious critical writing in the context of contemporary visual art in Ireland, and to afford the recipient the opportunity to reflect on and publish work on their specific area of interest.

The commission happens in relation to Pallas Projects’ ongoing curatorial project Periodical Review (2011–ongoing) and together with the selected works is intended to further discourse on the contemporary moment in visual art in Ireland, while also building a record of art practice, projects, and concepts over time.

Sara is the Curatorial Fellow at the Irish Museum of Modern Art and a visiting lecturer in Fine Art at TU Dublin, previously teaching in the department of Philosophy at Trinity College Dublin. Alongside artist Tamsin Snow, Sara co-curates Montpelier House, an experimental domestic exhibition programme. She is also the Curator of Visual Art at Brown Mountain Diamond, an artist-run art residency space in deep rural Ireland.


Image: Katherine Waugh and Fergus Daly

I See a Darkness, 2023

Film still, from the exhibition at Photo Museum Ireland

Image courtesy of the artists

ID: Film still depicting a desolate rocky landscape on a sunny day with mountains visible in the background. A coyote stands facing the camera in the centre foreground.